Taproom Rules

1Please respect each other, the staff, the business, and enjoy the beer! 

2Dogs must always be on a leash and under the control and supervision of the owner - dogs cannot be allowed to "wander off."

3Only well-socialized dogs are allowed on the premises - if your dog isn't friendly with other dogs (or people), please leave them at home.

4It is your responsibility to clean up after your dog - and, really, we mean that in every sense.

5Dogs (and their owners) will be asked to leave the brewery at the first sign of aggression - this should be a welcoming place for everyone, and an upset dog dos not make for a good time.  With that said... aggression does not include behavior in response to a dog being snuck up on, or otherwise approached, touched, or antagonized by a child or adult. 

6It is your responsibility to keep your children from approaching other patrons’ dogs – a parent or guardian should accompany the child and ask the owner’s permission before approaching the dog.

7You are responsible for any injuries or consequences resulting from your child approaching, touching, antagonizing, or “playing with” a dog without express consent by the dog’s owner.

8Children must always be under the supervision of a responsible adult – this is, after all, an alcohol establishment whether we welcome children or not.

9Running is not allowed in the taproom and any parents of children running or breaking things in the taproom will be asked to leave.

10Children are welcome at the brewery until 6pm when the brewery becomes 21+ on nights of posted events.

11Everyone should understand that this is a working business producing and selling alcohol – And, while we do our best to ensure a safe environment, patrons who bring their children and/or dogs to the brewery do so at their own risk.

We (and our lawyers) appreciate your cooperation with these few rules and we genuinely appreciate your business!

Legal notice: These rules apply to all buppers, doggos, kiddies, munchkins, goodbois (and goodgurls), four-legged-friends, tiny humans, “mini me’s,” canines, nippers, pests, rascals, rugrats, scamps, tikes, small fries, floofs, smols, woofers, hounds, pooches, buddies, tail-waggers, crumb-mashers, and actually just everyone!