Welcome to the  Team

As a small Veteran Owned brewery in the heart of Southern Pines, North Carolina, we founded ourselves with the goal to be a place of community, genuine and selfless relationships, and damn good craft beer.  It started with our service in the military, and we strive to live up to that lineage from the Hatchet Force operations of Vietnam through the more recent Special Operations deployments in Africa and Afghanistan.  Ultimately, we believe that no success is ever achieved alone - it takes a team.  that culture is at the heart of everything we do with our beer, our employees, and our community, what we like to call...


OUr Beers

Award winning  |  Bold  |  Balanced  |  Irreverent  

Taproom Hours

Monday  |  Closed

Tuesday  |  2-10p

Wednesday  |  2-10p

Thursday  |  2-10p

Friday  |  12-11p

Saturday  |  12-11p

Sunday  |  11-8p

Weekly Event Schedule

Monday  |  Closed

6:30P  |  Two Steppin' Tuesday

All Day  |  Winedown Wednesday

7p  |  Taproom Trivia
5-9p  |  Rotating Food Truck

12-7p  |  Rotating Food Truck

7p  |  Music Bingo
12-7p  |  Rotating Food Truck

11-12p  |  Pints & Poses
11-4p  |  Brunch Drink Menu

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