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At Hatchet Brewing Company, we strive to foster a culture of fellowship and community around really great beer – made with high quality ingredients, brewed with passion, and developed with input from the community.

Aisne Reserve

Beligan Pale Ale
4.7% ABV

A great introduction to Belgian-style beers, this pale ale is well balanced in its malt and hop flavors with moderate Belgian yeast characteristics that produce a bubblegum and spice aroma and flavor.

All the Wheat

American Wheat
5.0% ABV

A great introduction to Belgian-style Fresh Cascade hop flavor, bready wheat characteristics, and a dry finish make this beer a satisfying and refreshing drink on a hot summer day.

Apocalypse Amber

American Amber Ale

This beer is a well balanced and moderated version of an American Amber, making it especially approachable and drinkable.  The use of a single hop (crystal) in the kettle and dry hop provides a continuity of flavor from beginning to end.

Black Sheep


Low in alcohol, dry, tart, and exploding with blackberry flavor, this sour is extremely sessionable and drinkable.  With a deep pink color, this beer is as enjoyable to drink as it is to look at.

Fun fact:  We added 210 lbs of blackberry at the end of fermentation.

Common Ground Coffee Stout

Coffee Stout

Common Ground Coffee Stout is the product of a collaboration with our coffee roasting neighbors down the block, Java Bean Plantation. We combined their house blend cold brew with our Straight Up Stout to create a unique blend of chocolate and coffee flavors.

Fun Fact: There’s about an ounce of coffee in every glass.


American Lager
4.2% ABV

A clean, light, crisp, and refreshing beer.  The use of pilsner malt and flaked corn leaves just the right amount of sweetness to balance out the crisp dry finish.

Dirty Blonde

Blonde Ale
3.8% ABV

A clean, light, crisp, and refreshing beer.  The use of pilsner malt and flaked corn leaves just the right amount of Light, approachable, with a low hop bitterness and clean flavor, makes this style often everyone’s first taste of craft beer.  We spice it up a little with the use of Citra hops to give a slight tropical note in the flavor and aroma.


5.2% ABV

This is a nontraditional take on a classic German Oktoberfest style.  We use a German Kolsch yeast fermented at cooler temperatures to mimic some of the fruity yeast characteristics of a traditional German lager yeast.  Caramel malts provide a depth of flavor.  Mandarina Bavaria hops provide another twist adding a hint of fruity hop flavor and aroma.

Force Hefe

Hefeweizen – German Wheat Ale
4.7% ABV

This is a nontraditional take on a classic As the original hazy beer style, this classic gets its cloudy appearance from the large amount of wheat malt combined with a German ale yeast used for fermentation.  The fruity and phenolic notes of banana and clove are characteristic of this special yeast resulting in a beer that is both refreshing and flavorful.

Hazy Morning

New England IPA
6.3% ABV

Fruit character dominates this beer from the aroma to the flavor and the finish.  The tropical fruit character and low palate pleasing bitterness leaves you wanting more of this juicy IPA.


Kolsch – German Ale
4.7% ABV

The clean fermenting German Kolsch yeast used in this beer allows the delicate malt and hop flavors to shine through, and are accentuated by the subtle fruit characteristics of the yeast.  The use of honey malt gives this beer a hint of honey like sweetness in the finish.

Little Vienna Lager

Vienna Lager
5.3% ABV

This Vienna lager breaks from tradition and allows the fruity lager yeast characteristics to shine through.  Darker malts give the beer a richer flavor and finish than a traditional pilsner.

London Bridge

English Special Better (ESB)
5.7% ABV

A well-balanced English pale ale.  The earthy hop notes from the EKG are balanced by caramel, bready, and toffee flavors malt flavors.


Cream Ale
5.4% ABV

MILF Cream Ale is a clean yet flavorful ale fermented with a special ale yeast at cooler temperatures resulting in a flavor that is reminiscent of lagers.  Low bitterness, a clean malt favor, and slight fruity esters make this the perfect lawnmower beer.

Sloppy Session IPA

Session IPA
4.9% ABV

Low in ABV and full of flavor, this session IPA is bursting with hops.  Mandarina Bavaria and Citra hops combine to give this beer a tangerine and mandarin orange character with the same satisfying finish you expect from an IPA.

Solid IPA

American IPA
7.2% ABV

An American IPA with a citrusy and piney aroma.  The Centennial, Mosaic, and Citra hops give this beer a resinous flavor that is enhanced by a subtle malt sweetness.

Straight Up Stout

Oatmeal Stout
5.2% ABV

Chocolate and coffee flavors are smoothed out by the generous amount of oats and caramel malts we add to give the beer a balanced full bodied finish.

Vanilla Stout

American Stout with Vanilla
6.8% ABV

Bursting with vanilla and chocolate aroma, the combination of sweetness from the vanilla and roastiness from the dark malts balances out in the end to create a smooth dessert beer.

The Void

Black IPA
8.3% ABV

The Void is a Black IPA with roasted coffee and dark fruit notes in the aroma. The hops and roasted malt gives it a stone fruit and dark chocolate flavor with a full bodied finish.

Workhorse Radler

Grapefruit/Orange Radler
3.8% ABV

A popular drink originating from Germany, this style is a blend of beer and fruit juice.  To create our blend we added grapefruit and orange juice to our Dirty Blonde in just the right balance to give a strong fruity aroma and flavor that makes this beer highly drinkable and sessionable.

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