Join the Hatchet Crew

Thank you for checking out the Hatchet Brewing Company careers page. Please submit a cover letter with your resumé in order for your submission to be considered. If you don’t see a position aligned with your skills and experience in the “Open Positions” below, check back soon, and be sure to introduce yourself the next time you visit Hatchet!

The Lineage of Camaraderie

The concept of Hatchet Brewing Company and it’s logo were born from Special Forces Operational Detachment – Alpha (SFOD-A) 3331.

SFODA 3331 draws it’s lineage from the Hatchet Force Operations of Vietnam, in which Green Berets partnered with small teams of indigenous Vietnamese soldiers to conduct covert missions in Laos, Cambodia, and North Vietnam.

In honor of that legacy, SFODA 3331 continued to carry “The Patch” as it’s team symbol on combat deployments throughout Afghanistan and Africa, and as a stark reminder that no success is achieved alone – it takes a team.

Founded in Brewing

The owners of Hatchet, Mike and Greg, met as neighbors while Greg was in Special Forces training and Mike was the Senior Operations Sergeant Major of the 82nd Airborne Division. Both quickly bonded over a love of brewing and their shared experiences in the military. Realizing how powerful brewing and a shared interest in craft beer can be, Mike and Greg wanted to create a place where people can relax, share experiences, and find new friendships over great beer. So, in 2017, they established Hatchet Brewing Company and celebrated the grand opening with Southern Pines, North Carolina in the fall of 2019.

Forged in Fellowship

Hatchet has always been focused on building teams and developing genuine and selfless relationships. It began as a culture on SFODA 3331 and has been at the heart of everything we do with our beer, our employees, and the community – what we consider the Hatchet Team. Welcome to the team.